Lot of fun, although called competition – international event in Hungary

The International Farrier Competitons at Josvafo, Hungary are always very special. Competitions, where people learn from each other, competitions where friendships are made. Competitons that give very special memories to the competitors. Let’s see some of them.


Maria Fura and Åke Gustafsson drove 1900 kilometers from Finland to participate in the competition at Josvafo. It was the second year they have visited this event. Maria sent us this feedback a few days ago:

“Thank you and all the other organisers for another well organized and fun competition in Josvafo! We enjoyed it very much also this year. You get to know so many people staying at the same place and doing everything together.

I liked the new way of doing the Eagle-eye too, it made for more surprising results. (We had mixed international teams of two: one was looking at the hoof and had to explain to the other member – basically without having a common language but with drawings and gestures – what and how to prepare.) I will practise my eye-measuring and hope for Jozsef for a partner next year too.

Also I’d like to be the teaching a member of the audience to make a shoe next year. They asked me but I didn’t dare. When I saw how happy the people were with their shoes and I thought I really should have given it a go.

Hope you are well and everybody else was as happy with the competition as I was.”

Maria Fura

Maria Fura

And we have also received a short feedback from Åke Gustafsson:

“It were three fantastic days at Josvafö and the Hungarian Open Championship. I like to thank all who made this great event possible no one named and no one forgotten. This years tasks were difficult but fun, with some new approaches.

This event is also a lot more than a farrier competition, it’s a lot more. We definitely hope to be back next year to this fantastic event.”

Åke Gustafsson

Åke Gustafsson

It was the first time that Stepen Hewitt came from the UK. He was invited by his Austrian friend, Thomas Schumnig. Let’s see how Stephen’s experience was:

“Thanks for the competition, had a great time, hope to be back next year and bring some more farrier from over here. What a great atmosphere! And great to make so many new friends from all around the world.

Stephen Hewitt and Thomas Schumnig

Stephen Hewitt and Thomas Schumnig

It is always so good to receive such kind feedbacks. And we are trying to do our best to arrange the next, 7th International Competition too. See you in Hungary in 2018 too!

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